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Statutory audit
  • Audits of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and other legislation
  • Advice on improvement of clients' accounting and internal control systems
  • Advice to directors on statutory obligations and responsibilities
Non-Statutory Audit (Special Audit)
  • Perform due diligence review for Merger and Acquisition or pre-listing
  • Deliver focal report, such as company valuation or operational efficiency assessment
  • Comment on the internal control, external monitoring and inventory system of company
  • Carry detailed investigation on specific areas with appropriate improvement advice
  • Conduct audit on proprietorship and partnership of enhancing reliability of financial statements
  • Other specialized audits as requested, such as fraud and errors
Pre-listing Review
  • Valuation of companies and operational assessments
  • Pre-listing and pre-mergers acquisition systems
  • Preparation for public listings
  • Advice on corporate restructuring

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