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A full range of corporate and secretarial services is provided through our service company, Harrich Company Limited, for both Hong Kong Companies and Offshore Companies incorporated in overseas jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Niue and Macau.
Establishing a Limited Company

There are 2 modes of formation of a Hong Kong or offshore Limited Company: by registering all-new limited company and acquiring ready-made company:

Registering all-new limited company : Client provides the name of a new company and after confirming the name is available for use by conducting company search, we will incorporate the new company on client's behalf and prepare all documents and submit the relevant documents to the respective government authorities. The process will normally take 10 working days for a Hong Kong Limited Company and 25 working days for offshore company, as all the information required is provided timely.

To register a all-new company, you can complete the All-new Limited Company Order Form and return to us by sending email to or fax at 852-2868-5902.

Acquiring ready-made company : Client will be able to choose a company name from our Ready-made Company List. The process will normally take 3 working days for Hong Kong Limited Company and 5 working days for Offshore Company, as all the information required is provided timely.

To enable us to prepare the documents for appointing directors, company secretary, auditors, allotment of shares and etc., you can furnish us the information by completing the HK Company Checklist or BVI Company Checklist and return by sending email to or fax to 852-2868-5902.

  • Name of at least 1 director and his/her identity card or passport photocopy. (Director(s) can be of any nationality and can be a natural person or an incorporated body.)
  • Name of at least 1 shareholder and his/her identity card or passport photocopy. (Shareholders can be any nationality and can be a natural person or an incorporated body.)
  • Shareholder can at the same time be a director.
  • Number of shares to be allotted to each shareholders.
  • Name of a Company Secretary: the role of a Company Secretary is responsible for keeping statutory records and performing certain compliance tasks. Our Harrich Company Limited complete secretarial services and deal with all secretarial matters on behalf of client.
  • Name of bank where client proposes to open company's bank account : We will prepare all required documents to open up the bank account for the new company and provide certification to the documents as required.
  • Registered Office of the Company : It is required for a Hong Kong Limited Company for receiving correspondence from related authority and postal box cannot be used for this purpose.


There are also a wide variety of offshore companies available for client. Most offshore companies offer the advantage of providing confidentially to the identity of the final beneficial owner of the company. For Hong Kong Limited Company, the directors and shareholders can be identified since their information is opened to public. However, the BVI and Cayman Island Companies, the identity of shareholders and directors are not required to file to the local registry and therefore offer a certain level of confidentially to the directors and shareholders.

The 2 most common offshore Company offered our Harrich Company Limited are the International Business Company of BVI (the British Virgin Island) and the Exempted Company of the Cayman Islands.

Both types of offshore Company offers similar advantage to their owner :
  • If the main operations (other than merely the bank account) are not in Hong Kong, they are not subject to Hong Kong profit tax.
  • Under existing requirement, only 1 shareholder and 1 director are required, they can be the same individual or incorporated body any nationality.
  • There is no requirement for filing annual audited account to the local authority.
For most business purposes we would recommend the International Business Company of BVI. The main reason for it is due to lower cost involved and shorter time for incorporation. Cayman Island Exempted Company is recommended if the Company is going to be listed on the stock exchange market in the future.

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